Turkey is among the top three countries of the world in kidney and liver transplantations from living donors and the success rate of liver transplantation in Turkey is 95% where it is above the world averages.

A liver transplantion is a surgical procedure that replaces a diseased liver that is no longer functioning properly with a whole or a portion of a healthy liver from a deceased or living donor. A portion of a living donor's liver is removed and transplanted into a recipient in a living donor liver transplantation. Within approximately 8 weeks, both the donor's and recipient's livers will have grown nearly to normal size. Typically, the operation takes 8-10 hours. A hospital stay for donor is nearly 7 days where for recipient it is almost 20 days following the surgery.

 Our exclusive network of organ transplantation surgeons includes some of Turkey's most successful providers of adult and pediatric liver transplantation. In Bosphorus Medical Solutions, our organ transplant surgeons have 20 years of experience.

In Turkey, a living donor can only be a family member or relative up to the fourth degree who is willing to donate a part of the liver. Being an unrelated living donor is possible if approved by the Ministry of Health Turkey's Central Ethical Council.

Our collaboration with Turkey's leading hospitals allows us to provide our patients with coordinated multidisciplinary care, high quality clinical outcomes, access to cutting-edge technology and clinical trials, cost-effective care, an exceptional patient experience, and research.



Am I a Good Candidate for Liver Transplantation?

For liver transplantation, the blood type of the patient and the donor have to be compatible. After blood compatibility, the donor candidate’s social, psychological and medical evaluations are made. Medical evaluations consist of blood examinations, investigations of infectious diseases, radiological examinations and consultation of other medical units (cardiology, chest diseases, etc.). If there are no contraindications in terms of liver donation; the liver section (right or left) appropriate for the patient's weight is obtained from the donor and placed into the patients corresponding liver section.

After Your Liver Transplantation

As with all organ transplant patients, patients undergoing a liver transplantation must use medication for their lifetime in order to suppress their immune system. This is the most basic condition of treatment success. If medication is not used or used only irregularily, the immune system immediately initiates a war against the transplanted foreign organ, which may end up with the loss of the organ or even the life of the recipient.